Upgrade Your Systems & Upskill Staff

One of the most common responses we hear when we are talking with new or potential clients is “But we’ve had this system for 30 years and it is fine”.

We often find that the bookkeepers in these offices are tied up with unnecessarily laborious practices. Their legal accounting software can be difficult to use and a simple transaction might require multiple actions to post. The software could be so dated that the bookkeeper is worried about losing data and keeps manual records as a backup. Reports might be awkward to run, unweildy and difficult to understand and the bookkeepers often keep cashbooks in order to easily look up transactions.

All of this duplication of work and the associated costs of this can be eliminated by upgrading to a new, easy to use, easy to understand and easy to backup legal accounting software package. Sol-Est Accounts software provides everything your practice needs to simplify the bookkeeping and reporting. We also provide comprehensive legal accounting training and software user training to ensure your practice is running at its most efficient.

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