Mini Audits


Clients who avail of our bookkeeping services never need to worry about a Law Society inspection. They know their accounts are up to date, balanced and compliant.

But did you know you can avail of our expertise to have a one-off mini audit? We can consult with you and devise a personalised practice audit plan which can include an analysis of compliance, posting practices, trial balance reconciliations, bank reconciliations and a management accounts summary, with recommendations and advice thereon. These mini audits will also find any anomolies or regulatory breaches, and we can advise on how to correct and prevent these errors before they become a bigger compliance issue for your practice.

We consider constant vigilance to be best practice and self-auditing is an excellent method of assuring quality, catching minor issues before they become major problems and keeping your business running optimally.

If you feel in any way concerned about compliance or the possibility of an upcoming inspection, put your mind at ease today and contact us to see how we can help. Our mini-audits can be adapted to be carried out fully off-site if necessary.