Legal Bookkeeping Services


Our bookkeeping services include providing clients with fully reconciled accounts each month, rectification of posting omissions  and advising on regulation breaches. Therefore,  your year end reconciliations can be quick and straightforward and your fully balanced reports will be ready for your accountant within 2 months of your year end.


Regular and non-regular clients can call us to set up a mini-audit. Our in-house audits can identify and correct issues before your Year End Submissions or Law Society inspection. We consider constant vigilance to be best practice and self-auditing is an excellent method of assuring quality, catching minor issues before they become major problems.


We are always on hand to assess your needs and advise you on any financial management issues you may have. We have helped so many businesses over the years, we know what works and what doesn’t. We can advise on everything from efficient file referencing to debt management. We are always here to help. You can contact us here.


We have our own, custom built accounts software – Sol-Est, which is perfect for small to medium sized practices. We pride ourselves in having created the most up to date and easy to use legal accounting software on the Irish and UK market. Our training program will have you up and running in no time, and we are on call to assist with posting queries.


Should you encounter a complicated posting scenario, we won’t refer you to your accountant – we can help you immediately. Our experienced staff are highly trained legal cashiers, dealing with postings and reconciliations on a daily basis. We know our accounting software inside out (literally – we built it!) so you will never have an issue that we can’t solve.


We have a vast range of training services available, customisable to your needs. Training topics can include Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Bookkeeper Training, Whole office training for basic ledger and accounting understanding, Sol-Est Accounting Software training for both bookkeepers and viewers and SAR compliance training. We can also facilitate CPD training courses