remotely Providing Full Bookkeeping Services to the 32 Counties

When your clients use Sol-Est Software, you can rest assured that your accounting and audit work will be much simpler. The combined services of Sol-Est & CBS will mean you always receive fully balanced accounts within 2 months of your client’s year end.

We can provide all the reports and reconciliations you need to complete your compliance audit. Click here to see a sample of the reports you will receive.  As you can see, the Reporting Accountant receives a fully balanced Trial Balance with all supporting Reports and Control Accounts for the Client & Office Accounts, which lightens your workload considerably.

Accountants who introduce us to their clients can avail of a range of benefits, including free Sol-Est software for your office, to enable you to complete your audit much more efficiently. Sol-Est Software is powerful yet incredibly easy to use, with a full suite of clear and comprehensive reports. Click here to find out more about Sol-Est Software.

Amongst our range of services, we can provide Software, Cashier Services, Reconciliations, Reporting, Pre-Audit Assistance, Poor Audit Emergency Assistance, Bookkeeper Training, On-call and Online Bookkeeper Support, Whole-Office Training, Office Manager & Accounts Supervisor Training and a variety of Video Tutorials and Infographics.

If you think you have a client or clients who could benefit from our services, and you want to lighten the load of your audit work, contact us today to find out what we can do for you. Click our chat link at the bottom right of your screen to drop us a message and we will call you back with more information!

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